Sunday Game Plan

Sunday Game Plan

How we win the day

Phase 1: The Biblical Story

This just got organized on the plane back from a week in Chicago yesterday, so we’re harnessing our powers of improv a bit. Start with “The Handoff” down on the floor in front of the first pew, then ascend the chancel steps to tell¬†“The Exam” from the chancel’s left. Move to the center of the chancel for “The Crowd’s Choice” and then down the steps on the right side to tell “Extraordinary Rendition” from the floor on the right side.

So many unique features to this story that demand thoughtful decisions on the part of the storyteller. Jesus’ “That’s what you say” to Pilate–what is that? Is it defiant? Is it submissive? Resigned? Likewise the shouting of the crowd. I prefer not to shout, but the story makes a big deal about the increasing volume of the crowd, so you kind of have to. Finally, how do you relate the torture of Jesus by the soldiers? Matter-of-factly? Slowly, drawing attention to every awful detail so as to maximize the visceral? Is the storyteller angry? Sad?

My colleague suggests getting real with these details, so I’m taking a cue there. Purple robe, crown of thorns, salutes, blows to the head with a stick, spit, mockery: they’ll all have their day.

Sunday Game Plan

Sunday Game Plan

How we win the day

Phase 1: finalize preparation of the morning’s Scripture story: memorize it and practice it multiple times.¬†

Phase 2: finish confirmation lesson on sin.

Phase 3: remind the Joke Night team about our planning meeting at 1:00.

Screenshot 2015-03-01 at 5.44.47 AMPhase 4: get stuff for dish to take to visit with an experimental church community

Screenshot 2015-03-01 at 5.49.52 AM

Phase 5: clear the way for a local artist to visit youth group, though I won’t be there, they don’t know him, and he doesn’t know them.


Phase 6: visit the experimental church community with my colleague and her two year-old son.

Screenshot 2015-03-01 at 5.52.04 AM

Sunday Game Plan

Sunday Game Plan

How we win the day.

Phase 1: sleep in.

Phase 2: enjoy the mistobox coffee I got Wife for Valentine’s Day. Leisurely like.

Phase 3: hit the Farmers’ Market

Phase 4: brunching

Phase 5: end vacation several hours early for an important meeting.

Phase 6: second important meeting scheduled for the last day of vacation.

Phase 7: avoid tweets and Facebook posts from the Oscars.

Phase 8: schedule fitness class for the morning.

Phase 9: Harry Potter, Goblet of Fire style.

Sunday Game Plan

Sunday Game Plan

How We Win The Day

Phase 1: coffee. Two cups. At least.

Phase 2: review the sermon preview video I posted yesterday while finishing the sermon to make sure the sermon is actually about what I said it was going to be about.

Phase 3: finish plans for confirmation class.

Phase 4: put on new dress shirt and (reversible) tie.

Phase 5: get to the church before anyone else and practice sermon with my Chromebook in the pulpit.

Phase 6: make sure the adult education class is all set. No worries, since the Head of Staff is leading today.

Phase 7: recruit some unsuspecting child to acolyte, since I never heard back from the parents of the one scheduled.


Phase 9: Preacher nap.

Phase 10: read Harry Potter with daughter.

Phase 11: help youth plan Ash Wednesday worship.

Phase 12: begin vacation!

Church, Sunday Game Plan

Sunday Game Plan

How we win the day.

Phase 1: care for congested kid by administering 10 ml of CVS Children’s Cold Medicine. Pain/fever reducer, expectorant, and–critically–nasal decongestant.

Phase 2: coffee. Regular Coffee

Phase 3: brag about wife’s Harry Potter wizard making project, conceived and executed in about 10 hours yesterday. Using over-sized chopsticks ($.99 per pair at the local Vietnamese grocery) cut by The Neighbor with his table saw to 13 and 1/2 inches, the definitive wizard wand length, she painted, handled, and shellacked (not shellacked) 20 of these beauties.

Phase 4: execute daily Claptrack post.

Phase 5: write Sunday Game Plan.

Phase 6: breakfast=Trader Joe’s quick cook steel cut oats.

Phase 7: shower, shave, dress.

Phase 8: don new black canvas Vans and try like Hell to pass them off as dress shoes at church.

Phase 9: sit in on Adult Education class on race, part two of a three part series. Here’s part one.

Phase 10: worship. It’s Jazz Sunday and the church’s 60th birthday celebration. Wife helpfully dropped 60 brightly colored plastic beads into a sandwich bag as a visual aid for for the Children’s Time. 60 is nothing.


Phase 11: lead inter-generational confirmation class, knowing half the 9th graders are off at a debate tournament. We started last week with “Predestination and Other Oddities.” This week=”Who Is Jesus? Who Cares?”

Phase 12: lunch

Phase 13: grocery shopping. I’ve scrapped the super-detailed, meal-specific grocery list in favor of a list-free approach. Secure various meal components, mostly proteins and green veggies, then consult the cookbook for ways to use them.

Phase 14: attend Ash Wednesday planning session with youth. They’ve been working on this for a few weeks with their youth group leader, and all I know is that they’re planning on using this song in the service:

Phase 15: dinner?

Phase 16: read a chapter of Harry Potter And The Prisoner of Azkaban to daughter at bedtime. Getting to this is the day’s main goal.