Sunday Game Plan

Sunday Game Plan

How we win the day

Phase 1: The Biblical Story

This just got organized on the plane back from a week in Chicago yesterday, so we’re harnessing our powers of improv a bit. Start with “The Handoff” down on the floor in front of the first pew, then ascend the chancel steps to tell “The Exam” from the chancel’s left. Move to the center of the chancel for “The Crowd’s Choice” and then down the steps on the right side to tell “Extraordinary Rendition” from the floor on the right side.

So many unique features to this story that demand thoughtful decisions on the part of the storyteller. Jesus’ “That’s what you say” to Pilate–what is that? Is it defiant? Is it submissive? Resigned? Likewise the shouting of the crowd. I prefer not to shout, but the story makes a big deal about the increasing volume of the crowd, so you kind of have to. Finally, how do you relate the torture of Jesus by the soldiers? Matter-of-factly? Slowly, drawing attention to every awful detail so as to maximize the visceral? Is the storyteller angry? Sad?

My colleague suggests getting real with these details, so I’m taking a cue there. Purple robe, crown of thorns, salutes, blows to the head with a stick, spit, mockery: they’ll all have their day.


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