Sunday Game Plan

How We Win The Day

Phase 1: coffee. Two cups. At least.

Phase 2: review the sermon preview video I posted yesterday while finishing the sermon to make sure the sermon is actually about what I said it was going to be about.

Phase 3: finish plans for confirmation class.

Phase 4: put on new dress shirt and (reversible) tie.

Phase 5: get to the church before anyone else and practice sermon with my Chromebook in the pulpit.

Phase 6: make sure the adult education class is all set. No worries, since the Head of Staff is leading today.

Phase 7: recruit some unsuspecting child to acolyte, since I never heard back from the parents of the one scheduled.


Phase 9: Preacher nap.

Phase 10: read Harry Potter with daughter.

Phase 11: help youth plan Ash Wednesday worship.

Phase 12: begin vacation!