We Need A Verb Here

Somebody needs to make a proposal. We can show off our analytical acumen for hours, but until somebody suggests a way forward nothing is going to change. Of course, nobody wants to be the person whose idea flopped; it’s much easier to who goes along. That person washes his hands of a bad outcome. “Wasn’t […]

Making Connections Is What You Do

If you’re the one who raises her hand to volunteer, you get to decide what the thing is going to be. Make Island Getaway the theme if you like. Charge admission. Serve salad instead of pizza. You volunteered, and so you’re the one investing the effort and staking your reputation. But what did you volunteer for, […]

Every Sunday Is A Retreat

Maybe each Sunday is its own unique event that can’t depend on prior experience or future commitment to make sense and create an impact for participants. This week’s worship service, this week’s youth group gathering, may be the only one some people attend for a month, for a season. We’d better make it count. Making it count […]

March On

Ministry is a march sometimes. There are entire seasons in which the strain of next week pulls at you before any relief for completing this week can be enjoyed. Then, you keep putting one foot in front of the other. March on, and be grateful, at least, that the ground beneath you isn’t shifting and that it […]

Christendom Is Over

A wedding story. Rather, a wedding rehearsal story. The groom is sweaty. The bride is giggly. Though they’re both older than me, they are perpetual movement. I’ve met them once, months ago, and throughout our appointment I recall that their hands were never not on one another. We’re practicing the part in the service when the […]

I Can’t Not Blog About The Election Anymore

Don’t blog about the election. Don’t blog about the election. Don’t blog about the election. I’ve been fighting this prohibition for weeks. This blog is a space for me to think and engage in conversation about leadership and the church, and I fear nothing takes the knees out from under such a project as effectively […]

A Longer Master Project List Is Not A Better Master Project List

A staple of Getting Things Done is the Master Project List, that compilation of everything you’re working on that requires multiple steps to complete. Planning the junior high lock-in belongs on the Master Project List, because it requires multiple tasks: designing the flyer, recruiting volunteers, building the schedule, and so on. I’ve maintained a Master Project […]