Why I Keep Talking To Myself

Who is your fiercest critic? It’s yourself, right?  But which one?  The manifestation of me that is hardest on me is the 20 something version. He’s the one who didn’t know what he was going to do with his life but who knew what he believed in, and so he’s the one who bellows the […]

(I’m) No Fair

I sent in the thing.  By the deadline.  Three weeks before the deadline, I’m fact.  No response.  No matter.  I sent a follow up a week before the deadline.  No response.  Matter.  Stew.  Fret.  Wait.  Then…  “you never sent me the thing.”  %*#&!! I’ve been wronged.  This isn’t fair.  Some people.  Wait.  What email address […]

Womens’ Work

Last Sunday evening we went to a pot luck at a nearby church. The gathering was hosted by members of that church who sponsor a Syrian refugee family. They invited the moms group my wife belongs to, because it, too, sponsors a Syrian refugee family: the daughter, son in-law, and granddaughter of the family sponsored […]

Why We Fundraise

I worked in the youth ministry of a church where the entire year’s programming was built around fund-raising events, like eight of them. It was too much.  I’ve also worked at churches that didn’t raise enough funds for youth ministry to do it well, or that didn’t target fund-raising to specific events or trips for […]

City Park Gymnastics Is My New Favorite Thing

I spent six hours on Saturday perched in the wooden bleachers of a city park gymnasium for Kiddo’s first ever gymnastics meet. Six hours. A couple of things made it worth it. One, Kiddo rocked it. She earned some medals and a spot at next weekend’s citywide meet, where I’m sure the bleachers will rival […]

I Need To Level Up My Communications Game

I took a Cartel Course on communications strategiesĀ to learn that I don’t really have one. I send out a weekly e-newsletter. That’s my strategy. That strategy costs me $40 per month, which is used to not. I’m pretty sure that’s money badly spent. The course made me identify different groups I want to communicate with […]

FOMO Has It Backwards

You’re never really missing out, are you? As long as you’re here and have some measure of agency and choice, you’re in. You get to decide what the game is. Who’s to say the thing you’re afraid of missing out on shouldn’t worry about missing out on you? Maybe FOMO has it backwards.  

I Got Lost In An Org Chart And I Loved It

I lost myself in an organizational chart yesterday afternoon. It was bliss: three hours of creating and moving boxes representing work and people, configuring them this way and that. It could easily have gone onĀ for another three hours. An org chart feels like an exercise in idealism, even escapism. Pressed by projects and tasks in […]

Do You Know When You’ve Reached Enough?

You’re up earlier than you need to be so that you can arrive earlier than anyone else and get in an hour or two of extra practice, extra work. This is drive and determination, this is the desire to get ahead, or, at least, not fall behind. This is how you make an impact. But […]