Can A Committee Become A Team?

I’m reading Mobilizing Congregations, in which John Wimberly spells out the difference between a team and a committee for getting things done in churches. In essence, committees are for governance and teams are for ministry work. That’s a crude distinction (governance is ministry too) but I agree with the spirit of it. Committees are best for […]

What One Person Can Design An Entire Youth Retreat?

The work of a youth retreat is multiple. In a space of under 48 hours we want students to: learn, rest, play, eat, build community, find solitude, pray, reflect, share, and listen, just for starters.  What one person can design an experience that accomplishes all that? Nobody I know.  My favorite experiences leading retreats have […]

Goooooo TEAM!

There are different ways of being a team, but by far the best is way is the creative way, where every member of the team has a hand in creating¬†a piece of what the team is making. You could be an implementing team, following the instructions of the creative person–you could even be the creative […]

Why I Log All My Youth Group Games

Logging is valuable for more than nostalgia. When you log your work–especially if you log it in a digital, searchable, cloud-based format–you’re creating a guidebook for future work. Example: youth group games. I have a Google Doc for youth group games that I started seven years ago. A couple times a year I add new […]

Better Than Nothing Is Good

Sunday keeps coming at the preacher. The youth retreat keeps coming at the youth worker. Hospitalizations keep coming at the pastor. It terrified me when I started in ministry, the way events demanding good work kept coming at me, often at the same time. Now I love this. I depend on it. If Sunday wasn’t […]

Why “Yes” Is Worth It

A good reason to say “Yes” to things that scare you, things you’ve never done before, is that they’re only that scary the first time. After you’ve done it–no matter how well it went–you get to add that thing to your bag of tricks. Now you lead youth retreats. Now you write books. Now you […]

Junior High Youth Think Serious Thoughts About Worship

We did a little informal poll about worship with junior high students yesterday morning, asking them things like, “What is your favorite part of the worship service?” and “What do you think is the most important part?” and then inviting them to describe their ideal worship service. Some of the input you could have guessed: […]