Mind The Threshold

Once students start putting their bags in the van, they start putting themselves in the van. Once they’re in the youth room with the bagels, their focus is on the bagels. Once they’re inside the house you’re renting for the ski retreat or the cabin at the camp that is hosting the Jr. High Retreat, […]

Help Me Write Better Curriculum

I have written more curriculum since September than ever before in my career. Each new addition I compose makes me feel more urgently the need to get better at it. How do you do that? It’s almost entirely for the 8th grade Confirmation class that I’m writing this curriculum, since our jr. high group is […]

Stop Following Your Passion–Er, Calling

Cal Newport wants you to stop following your passion. Instead, he wants you get really good at something, which, he believes, will produce a passion for it. I’m kind of with him. I won’t restate his thesis here, only apply it to ministry settings. We speak of “calling” and “vocation” in church more than “passion.” […]

I Cancelled My Daily Newspaper Subscription

My Acer R11 Chromebook has been fixed and is due back to me today. Until then, I’m blogging on the Toshiba Chromebook II, which was my daily before *somebody spilled apple juice on the keyboard making the spacebarstick. I cancelled my daily newspaper subscription this weekend. Since November I have been reading the Washington Post on […]