Sunday Game Plan

How we win the day.

Phase 1: care for congested kid by administering 10 ml of CVS Children’s Cold Medicine. Pain/fever reducer, expectorant, and–critically–nasal decongestant.

Phase 2: coffee. Regular Coffee

Phase 3: brag about wife’s Harry Potter wizard making project, conceived and executed in about 10 hours yesterday. Using over-sized chopsticks ($.99 per pair at the local Vietnamese grocery) cut by The Neighbor with his table saw to 13 and 1/2 inches, the definitive wizard wand length, she painted, handled, and shellacked (not shellacked) 20 of these beauties.

Phase 4: execute daily Claptrack post.

Phase 5: write Sunday Game Plan.

Phase 6: breakfast=Trader Joe’s quick cook steel cut oats.

Phase 7: shower, shave, dress.

Phase 8: don new black canvas Vans and try like Hell to pass them off as dress shoes at church.

Phase 9: sit in on Adult Education class on race, part two of a three part series. Here’s part one.

Phase 10: worship. It’s Jazz Sunday and the church’s 60th birthday celebration. Wife helpfully dropped 60 brightly colored plastic beads into a sandwich bag as a visual aid for for the Children’s Time. 60 is nothing.


Phase 11: lead inter-generational confirmation class, knowing half the 9th graders are off at a debate tournament. We started last week with “Predestination and Other Oddities.” This week=”Who Is Jesus? Who Cares?”

Phase 12: lunch

Phase 13: grocery shopping. I’ve scrapped the super-detailed, meal-specific grocery list in favor of a list-free approach. Secure various meal components, mostly proteins and green veggies, then consult the cookbook for ways to use them.

Phase 14: attend Ash Wednesday planning session with youth. They’ve been working on this for a few weeks with their youth group leader, and all I know is that they’re planning on using this song in the service:

Phase 15: dinner?

Phase 16: read a chapter of Harry Potter And The Prisoner of Azkaban to daughter at bedtime. Getting to this is the day’s main goal.