I spent last Friday morning reading the “faith narratives” that my church’s 27 Confirmation students wrote. They range in length from a few paragraphs to three pages, and they express a wide spectrum of understanding–the Bible, the church, God: there’s a lot in there, and a lot of it I don’t remember teaching.

And yet the thing I have decided to care most about in these narratives is desire. Do these students want to be part of the church? If they do (and we work hard to give them a real choice to say they don’t), then the understanding they express comes in a distant second place; we can work with desire.

Confirmation is invitation to young people to say “yes” to faith. We grow with them from there.

2 thoughts on “Desire

  1. This is great news, Rocky. I remember hanging on the phone with a friend from confirmation class, back in the mists of time, trying to “get it right” in our statements of faith. I don’f think we we asked about desire, but that seems more about “getting it right” than anything else. It’s like the job-interview question about “Why do you want to work here?” You’re looking for workers, not people writing job descriptions. Well done.

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