From Faith Statement To Faith Narrative

The 2018/2019 school year is the tenth time I have led a Confirmation class from start to finish. It is also the tenth different version of Confirmation I have led; I change something about it every year, because I’m always dissatisfied with something about it.

This year I wrote a new curriculum–based on the Apostle’s Creed–and I redesigned the “faith statement” assignment at the end. This weekend our students will work with a new assignment instead of the old one on their spring retreat, because at the planning session for that retreat the leadership team gave me very helpful feedback: the old one was abstract and complicated. I agreed.

So the new one is not a statement of faith but a narrative. You can view it here. Here is the heart of the instructions:

Now, as the year comes to an end, we ask you to share what this process has meant for you. Your Confirmation Faith Narrative will be shared with Pastor Rocky, the Confirmation Circle Leaders, and the Session of Fourth Church (the elected group of Elders who are responsible for receiving people into Active Membership). The prompts below are offered as a guide. They suggest that you structure your narrative in three sections–the past, the present, and the future—so that what you write will be less of a statement about what you believe and more a story of your life in faith. You are not expected to answer every prompt; they are there to guide your story.

I enjoyed redesigning this.

2 thoughts on “From Faith Statement To Faith Narrative

  1. Dear Rocky, I am decades past my own confirmation, but I love this. I lost my own faith statement in a cleaning fit — or maybe the paper just wore out.But I remember the process of writing it, and feeling like it was final. The past/present/future format seems much more likely to be memorable and kept — and perhaps rewritten. Thanks.

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