My Friend Is Better Than Your Alogorithm

I had an evening to myself and I wanted to watch a movie. I don’t do that often in the day-to-day march of work, parenting, and helping to run a household, so it was an enticing opportunity. But what to watch?

Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, iTunes, YouTube, HBO Now: I have access to all of these services, and all of them will generate recommendations for me. There is an algorithm under all of their hoods that knows my age, gender, zip code, my viewing history, and who knows what else. A recommendation from any of them would be reliable. The marvel of technology.

Instead I asked my friend, the one who loves movies so much he runs an office pool for the Oscars. I texted him a simple request: tell me what to watch and I’ll watch it–no questions asked. He did, and my solo movie night was a success.

Oh the marvel of technology.

5 thoughts on “My Friend Is Better Than Your Alogorithm

  1. Please share …. looking for a good movie.
    Your Good Friday devotion today was wonderful. Thank you.

  2. Thanks, Rocky. I read a lot of reviews and try to keep the writer’s viewpoints in mind when I pick out what to see — but when I do watch something, it’s usually after someone I know has seen it and thought I would like it. I’ve found a few interesting things with algorithms, but I ignore most of them.

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