It was warm enough yesterday morning to allow me to walk to a train station that’s about 30 minutes away for my morning commute, rather than the one that’s five minutes from the school where I drop Daughter off at 8:15.

Just a few minutes into that walk I ran into someone from my church. They were leaving a dentist appointment. We had a pleasant, brief, exchange, and then I continued on my walk.

Perhaps 10 minutes after that I passed someone else from the church, a coworker, on the sidewalk. We shared a surprised “Hi!” as we passed one another, and neither of us broke stride.

Finally, just a block from my destination, a third encounter with a church person. We walked the last two minutes together, talking about his recent trip to Amsterdam and Paris.

There’s nothing like a little sunshine and two walking feet.

One thought on “Walking

  1. Thanks, Rocky. That must be like what my parents went through when they’d see kids from their classes — or parents of those kids — outside of school. If it’s any consolation, if someone starts to recognize me and doesn’t quite know where, all I have to do is get to the name of church to have them say “Oh yes, there!”

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