Youth Ministry And Generation Like

Douglas Rushkoff has produced two terrific PBS Frontline documentaries about youth and media. The Merchants of Cool (2001) and The Persuaders (2004) both analyzed the embedded nature of corporate marketing in media aimed at young people. Now Generation Like probes how the advent of social media has changed the equation. Essentially, nothing has changed. The media that young people consume […]

Texts from Teens

There’s a group of high school guys who drop by the church every Wednesday afternoon after school. For several weeks in a row now, one of those students texts me mid-day to ask, “What are we doing today?” This is strange, because the range of what we do is quite limited, determined almost entirely by […]

Tofu on the Facebook Pizza

I unfriended (Facebook) a family member in December over the poisonous speech of her friends in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. We’ve since re-friended (if that’s a thing), but the episode taught me something about social media and meaningful speech. Here’s what happened: Only hours after the shooting, the family member […]

Bruce Reyes-Chow and Company Are Planting A Church! Yes! Online? Oh . . .

One of the developments I covered in my Winterfest presentation on churches and social media is an online Presbyterian church start-up that was announced (hat tip: Lesslie Scanlon) last week by former PC(USA) Moderator Bruce Reyes-Chow. Peoples’ reactions were generally skeptical. Many were downright dismissive. And for as much as I quote Douglas Rushkoff and talk […]

Twitter Makes The Church Better

This is a descriptive post about the San Gabriel Presbytery vote on Amendment 10-A this past Tuesday, May 10th, a deliberation that was preceded by a matter of mere minutes by the tweeted (and infinitely re-tweeted) announcement of the decisive  10-A vote result from the the Presbytery of the Twin Cities Area. Before out meeting […]

Facebook and Proverbs

Tonight we started a new unit on Proverbs with the high school youth group. We’re mostly using Youth Ministry Architects’ Spice Rack piece for this. I’ve had good experiences with YMA’s curriculum, because it’s really customizable and, on the whole, thoughtful. Part of the introductory lesson has basic facts and trivia about the book of […]