Texts from Teens

There’s a group of high school guys who drop by the church every Wednesday afternoon after school. For several weeks in a row now, one of those students texts me mid-day to ask, “What are we doing today?” This is strange, because the range of what we do is quite limited, determined almost entirely by the students, and apparently worthwhile enough to keep them coming back. So I never know how to answer. Today I went with absurdity.

Student: What are we doing today

Me: Two words: dog show.

Student: What

Me: Arf

Student: Like Westminster Dog Show

Me: Look at you with the cultured dog breeding knowledge!

Student: I watch it every year with my mom dude

Me: I’ll never doubt you again

Student: But what do we do in this dog show

Me: What dog show?

Student: What are we doing today

Me: Two words: cat acrobatics.

Student: Okay u need to stop

Two things about this: first, my student has clearly never met a question mark, and this I fear portends the end of western civilization.

Second, this kid is great.