Either Teens Are Over Facebook Or Facebook Has Taken Them Over

The high school students who drop by my church after school on Wednesday are all guys. They’re down for some games, some unstructured social time, and some running around. We don’t talk a ton.

I force conversation very briefly by using candy. I’ll ask a student an open ended question about an interest or an opinion, and if they answer it they get a Jolly Rancher. Sometimes they ask the next question.

Yesterday’s question was, “What’s one website you look at every day.”

YouTube (to watch Game Grumps).

Netflix (to watch “How I Met Your Mother”).

Google (seriously, just Google?).

Tabs for A Cause (a fundraising platform for social causes)

Twitter (two of my students tweet. I had no idea).

Tumblr (a blogging platform).

You know what nobody mentioned? You know what zero high school students in my group said they use daily?


I’m guessing that’s due to Facebook’s thorough integration into mobile devices. I bet they’re using it every day, just not online.

Or they’re just not into Facebook anymore?