Christianity After Religion: Great Awakening

Note: readers of this series will be interested to read Philip Clayton’s op-ed in yesterday’s Los Angeles Times, in which he sings the praises of the Emergent Church movement. The charismatic movement that seized my parents in 1983 and turned my brother into a suit-clad 8 year-old missionary was a backlash. The whole complex of […]

Christianity After Religion: The Great Reversal

First things first: Big love to Homebrewed Christianity for the link yesterday and for their podcast with Diana Butler-Bass. Before you read any further, go listen to that. Welcome back. Diana Butler-Bass wants to flip the script of Western Christianity. She likes this video as an illustration of what she’s after: Christianity After Religion: The […]

Christianity After Religion: A New Vision–Behaving

Diana Bulter-Bass wants people to start asking “how” and “who” about their religious and spiritual beliefs. She wants them to start asking “what” and “why” about the behavior that attends those beliefs. The mark of religion that is declining in the United States is a preoccupation with the “how” of religious behavior. Whether that “how” […]

Christianity After Religion: A New Vision–Believing (Or Why Brian, Landon, And Chad Are Always Right)

Finally, a useful proposal for confirmation in a progressive mainline church. After four years of half-heartedly running 9th graders through a doctrinal gauntlet of the divine attributes, Christology, and the authority of Scripture, Diana Butler-Bass has given clear voice to the nagging sense I’ve had that trying to tell young people what Christians believe is […]

Christianity After Religion: Questioning The Old Gods

The charismatic Christians in the church of my childhood viewed the Presbyterian and Lutheran Christians in the churches of their childhood with suspicion. As much as speaking in tongues and faith healing, a merciless judgment of the institutional church–especially its catholic expressions–was a key component of being “saved.” Perhaps that’s why I’ve never had any […]

Christianity After Religion: The Beginning

I want to spend the next few weeks reading the just-released book by Diana Butler Bass, Christianity After Religion: The End of Church and The Beginning of A New Spiritual Awakening. It’s a proposal for viewing the decline of traditional religiosity in America, and nobody, to my mind, is more qualified to make such a proposal, for […]