Can We Build It? (Yes We Can)

You used to lead a youth group. You met once a week in a church room to hang out, play games, and grow in faith through study and dialogue. You knew the people, you knew the routine. It mostly worked.

Then the Coronavirus happened and your youth group moved to Zoom, like quick. It mostly worked, too: you can play games on Zoom, and the benefit of seeing those familiar faces made up for garbled audio and video that constantly freezes. The “Breakouts” feature even let you have small group discussion.

Now you get to build something new. Youth ministry for this next season can be built for the moment, more than adapting to it. We know the deal now: it will be weeks, at least, before conditions permit in-person gathering. So why not design our time for that constraint? Why not build a youth ministry that could only work online?

Weekly youth group? Online. Mission trip? Online. Family fellowship? Online.

The limits we know. But do we also know the advantages? The immediacy of video, the order provided for conversation, and, most critically, the motivation of the participants? Those are tools for powerful ministry.

Let’s build it.

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