8 Youth Workers in 8 Minutes (Almost)

Yesterday a friend and I convened some colleagues on Zoom for a simple exercise: share one thing we’re doing in ministry right now that feels helpful. We recorded it and shared it. It was shockingly easy.

I ripped this idea off from these folks who did a “9 Virtual Meeting Tips in Less Than 9 Minutes” video that I loved.

Here’s some of what participants said they were finding helpful:

  • Remembering that whatever they’re doing doesn’t have to be perfect.
  • Making space for young people and their families to talk about grief.
  • Focusing on consistency .
  • Honoring graduating seniors.

We may do this again. As with a lot of meaningful work, doing it the first time is the highest hurdle. Thanks Tully, Jimmy, Matt, Sarah, Tyler, Shelley, and Chip!

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