This Was Weird

I’ve known the man literally hours, so why is he elbowing me in front of about 10 colleagues I’ve known just as long, slyly indicating out the side of his mouth that “One of us [elbow, elbow] needs to be doing more writing?”

He doesn’t know me. He doesn’t know anyone I know. He’s never read anything I’ve written. I’ve spoken a mere handful of words to him, and neither “writing” or “blogging” are among them.

I chuckle nervously.

During a break, I approach him to ask what it was that made him say that. He says it’s just a sense he has. He confirms we know none of the same people and he’s never read a word I’ve written. “It’s the aura you give off,” he explains, indicating me generally with a wave of his hands. I take the reference to be to the elbow patches on my sweater.

So here I am, writing. Because a complete stranger said he had a sense from my aura that it’s what I ought to be doing.



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