Put Me In, Coach (Training Edition)

The cohort is the new small group. Seriously, what is NOT a cohort these days? From Doctor of Ministry programs to conferences to youth ministry training, everything seems to be a group of eight to ten people led by a designated facilitator pursuing defined learning objectives.

I like it.

I did a coaching cohort through the Youth Cartel a few years ago and found it rewarding. I continue to draw insights from it. Ever since, I have been interested in learning how to facilitate cohorts, and so I’m excited to be starting such a training today. Of course, it’s a cohort.

Some of the reading we were asked to do before the training focused on the prevalence of coaching in business executive circles, and one of the things many coachees shared in Harvard Business Review interviews is that, in choosing a coach, they don’t really care about certification. There is no standardized, accredited training for coaches. The people interviewed for HBR’s research said over and over again that two things matter more than that any technical certification: the coach’s experience and the chemistry they and their coachees have.

Have you employed a coach or been part of a coaching cohort? What made it effective for you?

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