Bring On The Lock In

Tomorrow night is the spring lock in for junior high students. I’ve got a couple of brave volunteers and the outline of a schedule. I might even have somebody coming in to make breakfast. Now to pick the games and icebreakers, order the food, commandeer the snacks, and generally steel myself for the rapture of it all.

I used to hate the lock in to such a degree that I swore it off as a useless exercise in recklessness for the sake of recreation and a thing that no adult volunteer with a portion of sanity would come to. I’m changing my mind about that. Especially given the facility I’m working with now, the lock in can be a meaningful experience not only of community building and recreation, but also mystery.

What better venue than the dark corridors of the downtown church in the middle of the night to invite youth to consider the mystery of God? Can’t the spooky midnight game initiate students into an experience of wonder, of contemplating their frailty as human beings as they creep beneath the lamp-lit stain glass window and beside the creaky pew?

Yes. Let’s go with that.

I love lock in stories, and I’m receptive to lock in strategies and tips. Hit me with your best shot.

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