Here Is Not There and Now Is Not Then

You probably can’t just apply your routines, or even your convictions, from one church or workplace to another. Difference is cultural norms should be appreciated and studied, not glossed over.

This is a painful lesson to learn.

If something’s not working in the months following the transition, it’s not you. It’s the new place and all of its historical and logistical quirks; it’s not the same as the place you were before. Learning how things work here is going to take some time, and the only way you’re going to learn that is through failure and frustration. It’s not you.

But it is you if you don’t take heed. If you continue to persist as if the new place is as same as the old, don’t expect anything to actually work in the former. The nostalgia of what worked before, somewhere else, is pleasant enough, but it won’t drive the bus today.

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