Isn’t Your Idea More Urgent Than Your Comfort?

If you want there to be a youth retreat, call up someone you think you could work with and put it on the calendar.

If you want there to be a network of leaders running youth mission immersion programs, make some calls and propose a get-together.

If you want there to be a mission trip, make some cal–you get the idea.

Could some of the people you call think, “Who does she think she is?” “Who gave him permission to propose this?” Yes. But is that what you would say if someone called you to invite you to experiment with a new idea? Probably not. The pros–the ones you want to be working with–don’t criticize permission-taking. They join it.

Either the thing you’re dreaming up gets a chance to fly and to make an impact or you get to remain comfortably obscure and give no one the opportunity to criticize you as too big for your britches, which, face it, they probably won’t do anyway. And even if they do, if the retreat/network/mission trip isn’t potentially valuable enough to absorb that kind of nonsense, then why take it seriously at all?



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