Junior High Youth Think Serious Thoughts About Worship

We did a little informal poll about worship with junior high students yesterday morning, asking them things like, “What is your favorite part of the worship service?” and “What do you think is the most important part?” and then inviting them to describe their ideal worship service.

Some of the input you could have guessed: we want donuts. The service is too long. Make it more fun. There should be a band.

Some of it was kind of surprising. More than one youth loves sermons. One even said the offertory anthem was his favorite thing. Some said they want a worship service with “no distractions,” one that is “peaceful” and even “serious.”

Then, when ambushed with an invitation to volunteer as a worship leader, four of them leaped.

They’re not disengaged during worship, these youth. They’re paying attention and waiting for an invitation to take their part.