Winter Is Coming: Some Thoughts On Harvest

One of my colleagues shared a reflection about harvest time, that it’s a season for storing things up for the winter. That’s mostly a metaphor for people in modern technological societies, because we have the same access to food in January as in July. You may commit to eating “seasonally,” but that won’t mean only eating in this season what you preserved from the last.

What of that metaphor, then? Winter is coming. What should we be banking now so that we thrive later, when the days are shorter and darker and colder?

1) Habits. It is easier to establish a new habit in nice weather than in bad: getting up that extra hour early; exercising; praying. If we can bank these as habits now, we will probably have them when the weather turns. My experience is that it will be much harder to start those things in the dark of winter.

2) Friends.I’m preaching on the parable of the dishonest steward from Luke 16 this Sunday, and my preparation for that sermon resonates with this thought about storing things up for winter. The steward is about to be fired and is staring down the barrel of a bleak winter of social rejection and financial destitution. His shrewd action is to curry the favor of folks who will welcome him into “eternal homes” once his current setup implodes, which it’s about to. Who knows how long any of our secure situations will last? Are we investing in relationships that will sustain us and our friends through snow and darkness?


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