Your Church Is Awesome

No, really. It’s awesome.

These people come together at least once a week to rehearse a good news story about sacrificial grace and ultimate redemption. They sing (who sings anymore?!). They pray–sometimes with one person speaking and everyone else listening; sometimes with everyone speaking at the same time; sometimes taking turns! They even partake together of the rarest of substances in the modern world: silence.

And all of that is just the hour they spend together on Sunday morning.

Then they tutor local kids. They feed hungry folks and make blankets for babies born at the nearby hospital. They visit one another in sickness, and even visit one another’s friends and families. Who does that?

I just want you to know how awesome your church is. If your budget can bear that half time youth ministry position filled by a seminary (or even college) student, please go for it. Don’t sweat the long term staffing strategy just now. Put it out there that your awesome church is looking for a part time youth leader for a one year position. Then don’t take just anyone. Insist on responsibility and maturity, because you deserve that. And then hand over the keys, but don’t get out of the car. Surround your person with support and encouragement. Volunteer for the lock-in.

Your awesome church is going to churn out some awesome leaders if you let it, because there simply is no work experience like church work experience. You have that going for you.

I just wanted you to know that.

(Hat tip to Trinity Presbyterian Church in Cherry Hill, New Jersey for handing me the keys for a year back in 2003. You taught me much.)

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