Morning Morning Quarterback Is Not Back

I used to write these Monday Morning Quarterback posts that narrated Sundays (like this one). It was a fun way to process what was, for a season, a very demanding day full of unpredictable church and family responsibilities.

After a couple of years of writing it, though, Sunday got to be less demanding. I figured some things out on the church end and family stuff changed, mostly as my daughter got older. Writing Monday Morning Quarterback started to feel like a performance, like Sundays weren’t hectic and random enough on their own anymore; they needed some embellishment.

So now here is a Monday following a Sunday completely unworthy of a blog post. There was worship and our experimental kids and family bulletins. There was a youth leader confab that went just great. And there was an evening walk with Wife and Daughter (btw, it is the eve of Wife’s new job). That kind of day does not merit a time stamped recitation. It merits gratitude.

2 thoughts on “Morning Morning Quarterback Is Not Back

  1. I still think your Monday morning quarterback series should be gathered into a book.

    It’s funny. For churchgoers AND for people who want to do what you do

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