The Difference Between Assembling And Building

I’ve assembled (and disassembled. And reassembled) a lot of children’s furniture in the last month. Enough assembly might make you think you’re building something. You’re not.

You didn’t design it. You didn’t build it. You didn’t even write the assembly instructions.

You’re the guy sweating over the instructions who keeps losing his grip on the included allen key and cursing the cheap plastic end caps for the bed slats that snap in half if you so much as look at them sideways.

No, assembly is not building.

Let’s build.

5 thoughts on “The Difference Between Assembling And Building

      1. i need a trip to the green world at this point. I am never at a loss for wanting to create things (and assembling deserves more credit, thought i feel your pain)

        right now I want to build a shelter from the chaos…

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