Step On My Toes. Please.

“Don’t create more work for people” is a useful motto when you work on a team. If you take care of your business and let your teammates take care of theirs, toes won’t get stepped on and you won’t get blamed when things outside your portfolio go wrong.

Maybe teams are more effective when their toes are a little banged up, though.

I find most new work to require–or, at least, to greatly benefit from–collaboration. Lone Rangers can handle an existing portfolio well enough, but when a new need or opportunity presents itself, the chances are greater that an effective solution will emerge from a team of folks working on it and not just one person.

Of course, if it doesn’t work, it’s harder to know who to blame.

Two things about this: if people collaborated, then at some level it worked, regardless of the outcome. Also, blame everyone, as long as by “blame” you mean assign responsibility for learning and growth.

Maybe we’re more valuable to one another when we stray from our silos and create more work for one another.

Step on my toes, please.

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