I Disrespect That The Broncos Felt Disrespected

My hometown football team won the Super Bowl yesterday with a show of defensive dominance consistent with its performance over the course of a season in which the defense was ranked the best in the league and after which commentators suggested it as among the best ever. The day before the Super Bowl, the Broncos received still another endorsement of its defense’s supremacy when Defensive Coordinator Wade Phillips was named “Assistant Coach of The Year.”

Still, the world awakes the morning after to find analysis of the game like this:

The Broncos felt they were “disrespected” by the Panthers, by the media, by the general public.


Sports are not life. My job is nothing like Von Miller’s or Cam Newton’s, so I use caution when illustrating my work with examples from theirs. But, whatever your work, if you require a grievance to motivate you to excel, you can still be better.

Aren’t we all chasing a standard of excellence that is its own reward?