What If Your Public Work Is Practically Private?

I’m all about doing our work publicly and not hiding it behind some scrim while we “perfect” it before sharing it with anyone. Like what Landon is doing. Every day.

But what if your public work is practically private?

What if the product you’re making and sharing with the world gets no traction, no engagement? What if it’s not connecting with anyone? Do you keep at it or shut it down?

I say keep at it. You’re building a body of work.

Two things about bodies of work. First, you don’t know who is connecting with it. Metrics and internet stats don’t tell the whole story, and you may be surprised not long from now when somebody shares what your project meant to them, though you knew nothing of it.

Second, bodies of work are durable, especially with the internet. You make a thing and put it out there, and it stays out there. Even if only for you to look back on your own growth, having a public body of work to assess now and again feels pretty valuable.

Keep making. Keep sharing.


3 thoughts on “What If Your Public Work Is Practically Private?

  1. I blogged yesterday for the first time in what seemed like an age. I think all of the interior work I’m doing in the aftermath of my birth family discovery has been my “work” instead of more public blogging. I’m ready to get back to the public.

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