I Made This And It’s Worth Something

My friend Adam launched Illustrated Children’s Ministry in September by selling coloring sheets online for $1 each.

Today, barely six months later, he’s got hundreds of orders for sets of coloring posters for use by individuals, families, or churches. It’s a different thing than he had in mind when he started, but if he hadn’t started with something this would not have been possible.

There’s a story that explains how something became this thing, but it’s not really about one particular story of Instagram shares and web traffic spikes is it? It’s about taking the risk of sharing your thing with the public. It’s about taking the even bigger risk of putting a price tag on it and saying, “I made this and it’s worth something.”

If you don’t believe your posters (or your videos or your sermons) are actually worth something, nobody else will either.

One thought on “I Made This And It’s Worth Something

  1. Madeleine L’Engle wrote: “The artist, like the child, is a good believer. The depth and strength of the belief is reflected in the work; if the artist does not believe, then no one else will; no amount of technique will make the responder see truth in something the artist knows to be phony.” If we believe in what we are doing and we express our own truth, others will be more likely to believe.

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