Monday Morning Quarterback

Monday Morning Quarterback

Stuff I learned on Sunday

The informational meeting doesn’t work for me anymore. Send out an email a couple of weeks in advance inviting people to come hear about, say, the youth mission trip–how to sign up, where we’re going, what it costs–Sunday after worship, and nobody comes. Well, one person comes. And you share the information with three families before worship and two more after. Also, the email about the meeting had all the information in it.

As we get more prolific with our digital communication, are we losing something of the face-to-face assembly of people for sharing information? Emails and Facebook page and group announcements have all the information in them (or links to that information) that you’re going to hear at the meeting, so why come?

To be assured. To assess the leaders. To inquire: about sleeping arrangements, about provisions for allergies, about the color of the T-shirt. The great substance of the event is in things not on the flyer and not on the website, and you should come to ask about those things.

Also, you should come to connect with the other people who are going.

Are we at the point where leaders need to withhold information in digital form in order to coerce people into coming to the meeting? Probably not. No, surely not; more information=better, almost always.

Are we at a point, then, where leaders need to get better at these one-on-one conversations, the ones that are happening before and after the publicized meeting time? I think so. I’m planning a round of phone calls this week myself, to share all the information one more time with one person at a time.


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