Landon And I Are Posting Our Top Music of The Year Next Week. This Isn’t It.

A couple years ago Landon and I shared our favorite songs and albums on our respective blogs (see here and here) . We didn’t do it last year, but we’re constantly texting each other music recommendations. In fact, our now defunct magazine may or may not have started as a text about Arcade Fire.

Next week Landon will pen a post here featuring five albums and 10 songs I sent him as my favorites of the year. He’ll add some commentary elucidating my obvious musical sophistication, perhaps working in a lament about his inferior facial hair. Later in the week I’ll write a post about his top music of the year in which I will make some recommendations of forthcoming albums that might finally fill the hole that N’Sync left in his heart.

For now, he’s some music we talked about a lot and really liked, but didn’t make it onto either of our year-end lists (and, yes, we’re still open to suggestions–use the comments)

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