I Need More Live Music in My Life

I went to a choral concert my niece was performing in, and it was amazing. I came away with a few observations: It’s hard to put on a program of excellent choral music without hymns and other religiously-themed pieces. This concert featured “I Sing Because I’m Happy,” “Holy, Holy, Holy,” and “Dirshu Adonai.” Choirs’ repertoires would […]

New Music Tuesday: “Is That The Cranberries?” Edition

Note: New Music Tuesday highlights something I’ve been listening to regularly during the week prior. I like it. I include critical comments both positive and negative to demonstrate my independent ignorance of musical convention. Album: Northern Lights And Southern Skies http://rd.io/x/QEq_K0LejAI Artist: The Capsules Label: Vespera Records http://rd.io/x/QEq_K0LejOA Release Date: January 15, 2013 Where I Found […]