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Snapshot Web and CPCC: A Drama in Three Acts

Act I

We’ll call her Erin, a seminary classmate who’s innocuous tweet alerts me to a harmless contest: enter your church to win a free upgrade of its website. Seems harmless. I click the link and enter the data, including the reasons why our church’s website needs help. Move on to something else.

Act II

An email arrives from another seminary classmate. We’ll call him Nick. This one congratulates me and my church for having won the upgrade-your-church-website contest. It’s his contest. For his company. Pushed innocently on Twitter by his friend.

The fog begins to lift; behind that innocuous tweet lay a collaboration between two people, people who know each other quite well, and whom I know less well than they know each other, which is well enough to be intrigued. And a little tickled.


After weeks of inter-church back-and-forth about what to do with our winnings, we decide that the best use is to create an entirely new website for our church’s infant & toddler daycare and preschool facility. We register a new domain and connect our Children’s Center Director to Nick.

The Director employs her soon-to-be daughter-in-law to get the lowdown from Nick and set up the site. And off she goes, snapping photos, shooting video, designing graphics.

Today, the curtain went up on the finished product.

Needless to say, I’m pleased as punch.

Like it?


2 thoughts on “Snapshot Web and CPCC: A Drama in Three Acts

  1. seldnars says:

    The website looks great pastor, a nice window to the world of CPCC. Welcome back to the blogosphere.

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