Twitter Makes The Church Better

This is a descriptive post about the San Gabriel Presbytery vote on Amendment 10-A this past Tuesday, May 10th, a deliberation that was preceded by a matter of mere minutes by the tweeted (and infinitely re-tweeted) announcement of the decisive  10-A vote result from the the Presbytery of the Twin Cities Area. Before out meeting […]

News Flash: Life Still Hard, Despite Facebook

I don’t agree with Umair Haque’s latest post. Haque, director of the Havas Media Lab who blogs and writes for the Harvard Business Review, says that, just like during the bubble and the sub-prime mortgage bubble, we’re witnessing a social media bubble; people are ignoring the warning signs of a great collapse. Here’s the […]

Theology after Google

“Theology after Google” was billed as a conversation about leveraging new technologies and networks for transformative ministry, and that’s what it delivered. I have to say the first few hours were disorienting and, frankly, a little chaotic. To some, the chaos betrayed a lack of discipline. But I was having fun. I’ve never been enough […]