Monday Morning Quarterback

Note: Monday Morning Quarterback is a weekly post reviewing Sunday, the busiest, most stressful, most gratifying day in the week of a pastor/parent/spouse/citizen Song of the day: 6:00. Out of bed to look over the order of worship for the first time all week and put some thoughts together for Time with The Children. Instead, […]

Christianity After Religion: A New Vision–Believing (Or Why Brian, Landon, And Chad Are Always Right)

Finally, a useful proposal for confirmation in a progressive mainline church. After four years of half-heartedly running 9th graders through a doctrinal gauntlet of the divine attributes, Christology, and the authority of Scripture, Diana Butler-Bass has given clear voice to the nagging sense I’ve had that trying to tell young people what Christians believe is […]

God Complex Radio and Landon Whitsitt

Thanks to Landon Whitsitt for guest posting last week. Be sure to keep track of Landon’s ongoing book project, where he’ll be working out his understanding of open source technologies and how churches can (no: must!) use them. Also thanks to Landon for the opportunity to be part of the most recent episode of God […]

Introducing Landon Whitsitt

Introducing’s first guest poster: Landon Whitsitt. Landon will be posting here over the next several days. Pastor, radio producer, blogger, musician, author, bearer of a rockin’ new tattoo, and close personal friend of 16 years, Landon knows more things about more subjects  than anyone I know. He’s a careful thinker who tries out new […]