My Sweater Game Needs No Leveling Up

I’m kind of love with the idea of “leveling up” at the moment. The work we do is multiform, and the only way we get better is by choosing to work on particular pieces of it. Sometimes that’s a choice to seek out a training or a coach. Learning Godly Play was a major leveling […]

Why Godly Play Is So Worth What You Pay For It

It’s been five years now since my colleague and I spent a chunk of our professional capital (and a fair amount of the church’s money) on Godly Play, the Montessori-esque program of Biblical and liturgical education for children that uses hand-crafted materials made in Kansas and that requires the complete re-purposing of an entire room […]

Christianity After Religion: The Great Reversal

First things first: Big love to Homebrewed Christianity for the link yesterday and for their podcast with Diana Butler-Bass. Before you read any further, go listen to that. Welcome back. Diana Butler-Bass wants to flip the script of Western Christianity. She likes this video as an illustration of what she’s after: Christianity After Religion: The […]

Godly Play Gets Going (with audio)

Here’s the audio from last Sunday’s Godly Play story as sermon (doesn’t work with Firefox for some reason). The Great Family story is told exactly as it would be told to children; the long pauses are to allow the actors to complete their movements. The body of the sermon that follows is those actors’ responses […]

Marrying Godly Play

For two years now I’ve been playing with these gold-wrapped boxes full of felt and crudely laminated paper figures. I sit in a circle with preschoolers and we skip our way through a cat-and-mouse liturgy of wondering and storytelling. Some of the time we use a 2” x 4” wooden sandbox. We fill it with […]