Tofu on the Facebook Pizza

I unfriended (Facebook) a family member in December over the poisonous speech of her friends in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. We’ve since re-friended (if that’s a thing), but the episode taught me something about social media and meaningful speech. Here’s what happened: Only hours after the shooting, the family member […]

Facebook and Proverbs

Tonight we started a new unit on Proverbs with the high school youth group. We’re mostly using Youth Ministry Architects’ Spice Rack piece for this. I’ve had good experiences with YMA’s curriculum, because it’s really customizable and, on the whole, thoughtful. Part of the introductory lesson has basic facts and trivia about the book of […]

Facebook and The Privacy of The Least of These

A timely text from a friend yesterday asked if I had read danah boyd’s anti-Facebook rant. I hadn’t. Well, I’d skimmed it. So I went and read it. Thanks, friend. The privacy conversation has never really interested me. I have no illusions about the possibilities when I share something online. I’m making an informed choice […]

Douglas Rushkoff, Prophet of Our Era

This one’s been killing me for a few days. I love me some Douglas Rushkoff. From this documentary to this media primer, and from this comic to this economics text, Rushkoff’s stuff influences my thinking about our culture and the church’s relationship to it as much as anything I read or watch or listen to. […]

News Flash: Life Still Hard, Despite Facebook

I don’t agree with Umair Haque’s latest post. Haque, director of the Havas Media Lab who blogs and writes for the Harvard Business Review, says that, just like during the bubble and the sub-prime mortgage bubble, we’re witnessing a social media bubble; people are ignoring the warning signs of a great collapse. Here’s the […]