@JeffJarvis on Data (for Presbyterians?)

A Jeff Jarvis book inspired this blog into cyber-being, and since then I’ve read his blogs and books ardently. His most recent book, Geeks Bearing Gifts, advocates a complete re-think of journalism and publishing for the cloud-based, connected world. It’s a great read. Here’s a snippet that clarifies what I’m after in my desire for an alternative to […]

Meditate on This

Help me understand something that’s happening with the youth ministry I’m responsible for: A student of mine (call him Steve), on his own initiative and without consulting me, approached an adult in our community to teach him and some of his friends meditation, and he offered the church as a sponsor and venue. The adult […]

Jeff Jarvis, Maggie, and The Walk (part 2)

I blogged yesterday about Maggie the Magnificent and her really stellar leadership of our church’s involvement in a local hunger walk.  Maggie is a high school student who is “disconnected” in programmatic terms from the church’s youth ministry activities. But she’s doing good work in the world, and it made me sad that the church […]

Jeff Jarvis, Maggie, and The Walk

YoRocko began with a flurry of posts about Jeff Jarvis’s book, What Would Google Do (WWJD). Several months on from those posts, some things are happening at the church I serve that are bringing to life some of the book’s ideas. Example: The Walk for The Hungry. Our church participates in this event every year, […]

Postcard+Email+Text+Letter=Get A Life

My students know about upcoming youth group meetings and special events. Of all the teens not participating, not one of them  claims ignorance. They know about the youth ministry. They’re choosing not to participate. And my shotgun publicity strategy is succeeding only in giving them more and more opportunities to choose against the church, to […]

Who Cares? What Would Google Do? pt 3

What Would Google Do? Who Cares? That’s the answer some are giving to Jeff Jarvis’s tongue-in-cheek question. We’ve already kicked a couple of the book’s tires here and here, but now I want to take a step back and ask if churches should even care what the Google-mobile is doing. In the words of another […]