Spotify Wrapped

Spotify puts together a year-end presentation for you about the music (and, now, podcasts) you listened to the most since January. I simply love this. I find it an aid for reflecting on the past year. Spotify Wrapper for 2019 tells me that:

There was a lot going on in the world. I listened to over 8,000 minutes of podcasts, most of them to do with news or politics. That can’t be healthy.

Seeing a band live correlates with lots of time in their catalog. The Mountain Goats show I saw in May and the New Pornographers show I saw this fall had that effect in particular.

Hit Parade, the podcast, has a meaningful effect on the music I listen to. The 30 year retrospective about Rhythm Nation 1814 made that album one of my top listens for the year.

I love this little gift every December. It tells me the truth about myself, at least based on listening data.

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