In a world of alternatives, be a supplement.

An alternative needs to force a consumer-style choice of this over that: iPhone over Android, traditional over contemporary, vegan over vegetarian. “Alternative” rock fans of the 90’s didn’t just love Nirvana, they loathed Def Leppard; the former required the latter.

An alternative is built on a wholesale bottom-up rejection of current options, even as it borrows heavily from those options without attribution.

A supplement doesn’t need all that. A supplement only wants to provide what’s missing. Another option to incorporate into what’s already good and useful. A supplement is more generous and self-confident.

This and that.

One thought on “Supplement

  1. As much as I love the word “loathe,” I don’t like doing it. Being a supplement is much better, thank you. For us writers, our writing is a supplement to our talking. I just have to make sure talking doesn’t take over!

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