Like emailing, we’re all reading way more than we realize. The volume of material we are expected to read in the form of emails and texts and notifications would knock our counterparts from three decades ago flat on their backs. Then it was memos and letters and newspapers. Now, you can’t even watch the news or sports on television without being required to read a constantly moving chyron and sidebars on top of sidebars.

Daily life has multiplied our reading load and we haven’t really noticed, but the leisure reading we’ve all added we certainly have noticed, though leisure is the last thing it gives us. All the email newsletters, tweets, and think-pieces posted on Facebook, all the blogs (!): very little of it feels restorative and edifying, so much of it feels like catching up, desperately trying to not miss the take that will become the definitive one.

And yet we say we need to read more.

No, we don’t.

One thought on “Read

  1. Thank you! I had a notification yesterday from Facebook: I haven’t posted in a while on my own blog. That just makes me more likely to keep working on my next post, not to rush it.

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