The Whole Conversation

“The whole conversation” is an abstraction that isn’t going to help anyone in any concrete way. We need a series of conversations, each one stemming from its predecessor, and each one asking what we need to do differently and which conversation needs to come next.

The whole conversation about racial equity is a verbal exercise. But the conversation about interviewing practices is an effort to create change.

The whole conversation about church decline is a shoulder shrug until it decides to talk about this Sunday’s order of worship.

The whole conversation about your health is marketing. The conversation about the Twix bars you keep buying in the checkout aisle is fuel for growth.

The whole conversation is a deception. This conversation is really where it’s at.

2 thoughts on “The Whole Conversation

  1. Thank you. The whole conversation would be like looking at all of my diaries and finding everything in each volume about a topic. The conversations I want are the ones I haven’t written in this year’s diary yet. Looking up long ones can wait.

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