They won. They cheated. They lied. They don’t care about us, they only care about power. They are hypocrites. They stole. They will do it again.

Who we identify as “they” makes a world of difference to who we are becoming. Are they a relatively small group of disproportionately powerful actors taking advantage of a flawed system, or are they an entire community constitutionally bent toward vice?

How we think about who is responsible for the wrong we see in the world is a huge part of our character. Immaturity views it either simply–individual choices made by equally enabled agents–or conspiratorially. Both of those rely heavily on anecdotal evidence and limited personal experience.

A maturing understanding of why things are going the way they are probably comes from engaging decision-making systems and processes directly and seeking constructive engagement with the “they” we believe is working against the things we care about. That feels harder and harder to do, not just because of the pandemic, but also because the media environment we inhabit runs on the less mature alternative.

Still, there’s nothing stopping us in this environment from connecting, both to understanding and insight and to people.

One thought on “They

  1. Wow, this has taken some pondering. Someone I know has been telling me the wrongs of “my” party, and therefore its leader. But I have no party affiliation, as this person has forgotten, and I choose my candidates independently. Reading about “they” tells me I’m on the correct track, in my independent choices at least.

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