Youth Zoom Sunday Zoom Sunday Youth Sunday Zoom Youth

A Confirmation leader announced that she bought a treadmill, prompted by a student’s sharing last week that her dream job was to be a Peloton instructor. “That’s what you said, right?”, the leader asked the student. The student mutely shook her head no. I asked the leader if she can get her money back on the treadmill. She didn’t laugh.

An 8th grader shared that he built his own computer, then chastised me for being impressed. “Anyone can do it,” he said.

A senior high student confirmed that he and I will be serving as election judges together at the same precinct.

A 6th grader perfectly recalled the mneumonic I taught last month for remembering the major narrative parts of the Bible (hat tip to Mark DeVries).

In response to the gospel story about Jesus being tempted by the Devil, one student types in the chat, “My friend tried to summon Satan she’s weird.” Not completely sure “she” means the friend.

A junior high leader led a game of Family Feud, and I was wrong to answer that jumping on a trampoline is something you would avoid if you are afraid of heights.

Junior high leaders suggest trading our end-of-the-hour debriefs for extend socializing time with students, who are eager to stick around and chat.

Zoom is not preventing youth ministry from doing what youth ministry does.

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