Yesterday I was seen by a doctor, a resident (I’m fine), who made a confident diagnosis and prescription, then instructed me to wait for a consult with the attending physician. Decades older than the resident, the attending took 30 seconds to reverse his diagnosis and prescribe something completely different.

I was grateful.

The resident wasn’t wrong, exactly, as far as I could tell from the way his attending explained the alternate diagnosis. The attending recommended a different method, a different philosophy of treatment, a different strategy, based on decades of experience the resident doesn’t have yet. That’s to my benefit.

I would have benefited from an attending when I was new to ministry. I probably still would.

2 thoughts on “Attending

  1. I’m glad you’re fine, Rocky. The way you describe this reminds me of one of the more startling things I learned in French classes: the verb “attendre” is “to wait.” That still pops into my mind when I hear about “attendance” at something or “attendants” on someone. It all sounds so much more glamorous than waiting.

  2. Rocky,

    I would like to get 30 minutes with you in a zoom or audio call and ask you a few questions about an “attending”

    If that seems like something that might be valuable for you, let me know…we will find a time.



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