What could you say if you didn’t have to shout? If your voice didn’t need to reach the back of the sanctuary, and if there weren’t a distance of several feet between you and the first set of ears to hear what you’re saying, how could you convey your message?

Video collapses the distance between you and your audience. Since we’ve been leading worship from an empty sanctuary over a livestream, my colleagues and I have had to learn the skill of welcoming and praying and preaching to a camera and not to the back of the room. Something of the immediacy of the event has been lost, but something has surely been gained as well. Our task now is to learn how to take advantage of that gain.

For a master class on it, watch Michelle Obama.

2 thoughts on “Closer

  1. Thank you, Rocky. I’d missed Mrs. Obama last night, so I appreciate your link — and you’re right, it’s excellently done. I appreciate everyone’s efforts with the cameras to keep the congregation together.

  2. What seems to be gained, Rocky, is an intimacy — from the attendee’s perspective — that isn’t possible in the space of the Sanctuary. While I miss deeply the sense of community and shared experience of corporate worship, I’m also appreciating that new sense of direct connection, particularly as created by Fourth’s pastors, “cantors” and liturgists. One benefit is that I stay more consistently in worship than I do when attending in the Sanctuary. Congratulations to everyone at Fourth on how quickly and well you’ve mastered reaching through the camera.

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