Fun on Zoom As A Ministry Skill

Recreation has moved online, like everything else. Playmeo, a service I’ve subscribed to for about a year and a half , added a “virtual” tab to its searchable database of icebreakers and team-building games last week, which proposes simple adaptations for several of its activities to make them work over Zoom. Meanwhile, its founder and CEO, Mark Collard, has been busy hosting webinars about how to play on Zoom (without drinking). Two weeks ago The Youth Cartel made a “Mobile Games for Youth” packet available for free on its website. I’ve found these efforts immediately valuable.

Because fun is not intuitive in this context. The need to stay attentive and connective to the people we care about it urgent, and I think most of us in ministry feel like we know how to do that, even if it means learning a new tool. But the longer this goes on, the more that urgency will recede, and the more we will need to bring something of value to our work beyond immediate presence and attention. One of those things is fun, especially for youth ministry. Personally, I don’t know how to have fun on a video call with students, so I’m grateful for resources like the ones above to get me started.

What are you using in your ministry that is just for fun?





One thought on “Fun on Zoom As A Ministry Skill

  1. Well, taking that part about my ministry to mean “the priesthood of all believers” since I’m not ordained, I’m trying to keep myself creative by balancing calls, e-mails and actual, paper letters or cards to communicate. I’m also encouraging people to read by telling about the scenic memoir (luckily, one of three) of a trip to Scotland that leaves me looking around after reading for a while and thinking “OK, I’m home again.” But the new fun game around here today is going to be Hunt My Glasses! (Not drinking here either — my eyeglasses are missing.)

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