What Next?

Not in two weeks, or even two months, but more like three, six, or nine months from now–what’s next then? Zoom youth groups and committee meetings will have to evolve from their current utility as stopgap into events designed specifically for the the platform hosting them. Can we imgaine planning a year’s worth of ministry online? We’d probably better.

It might not be all bad. Some healthy differentiation might be possible between, say, a Zoom gathering for over 20 teenagers mostly to check in and stay connected and one with less than half that number facilitated by a small group leader for Bible study. Or what about the aynchronous content we’ve hastily posted to YouTube? What does a months-long strategy for that need to look like? What are those videos even for?

This moment has taken a lot away from ministry, but it is giving some things back too. There are biases in these technologies we can turn to our advantage in serving the people we care about.


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