New Year New Music (Or Not)

It’s the first music release Friday worth paying attention to in the new year, and it marks my first opportunity to try out a resolution: enjoy music more than collect it.

Spotify generates a playlist of new releases for me every Friday, and I open it like a kid on Christmas morning. There is also a new releases playlist by the people at NPR music. Then I check music blogs for reviews of albums released today. I spend up to an hour some Friday mornings listening to snippets of songs and deciding to add them to my library or not, to put them in this playlist or that one. It makes me tired, and I often never return to those songs after I’ve sorted them.

I treat music like a compulsive collector more than as a discerning connoisseur.

So, a resolution, at least for this week: no reviews, no new playlists. Listen to songs attentively and in their entirety. Miss things and be okay with it.

2 thoughts on “New Year New Music (Or Not)

  1. Good and perceptive advice, but collecting music is a really hard habit for me to break. I miss the days of playing LP’s alone and with friends, looking at the album covers and borrowing LP’s so I can tape them. I buy a lot of iPhone and computer storage just to keep my music collection, which seems archaic yet comforting. Ah, well

  2. Good idea — savor what you hear. I don’t collect music any more, because I’m living with my LPs and my Dad’s — and Dad’s 45s and 78s, too. It takes a lot of sorting and nudging, sometimes with my feet… and I don’t play them as often as I might. A lot would be good writing music. Hmm.

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