Nice Hat

Stepping off a Brown Line train at Sedgwick Tuesday morning, a man was stepping on whose hat caught my eye. It was a stocking cap printed with the label of a Coors Original Banquet beer can. My dad worked for Coors in Golden, Colorado, for over 30 years, and so I have a soft spot for memorabilia featuring the tan cans with that script font.

“I like your hat,” I told the stranger as we brushed past one another.

“Oh. Thanks.”

Seconds later another rider, trudging up the stairs to the platform as I was going down, tapped me on the shoulder and said, “Hey! Go Broncos!” I smiled politely and muttered something like, “Hey, yeah.” He could tell I was confused, so he focused his moving gaze about an inch above my eye line and explained: “Nice hat.” Of course. My bright orange Broncos beanie.

It’s so not much, but maybe unsolicited compliments to strangers for their hats can be a start?

One thought on “Nice Hat

  1. I share your confusion on the hat front. My gray tweed “walking hat,” which has been around longer than some coats, has gotten two comparisons recently on buses: One lady said it was “just like Sherlock Holmes” (well, Basil Rathbone, sort of), and another “like LL Cool J goin’ on.” I leave that to your musical expertise. But you’re right… hats can lead to whole conversations.

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